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EDITORIAL: Corazon Theater & a Lesson in Zoning Featured Image

EDITORIAL: Corazon Theater & a Lesson in Zoning

May 1, 2021

A meeting was hosted Thursday evening at the old Corazon Theater at 36 Granada by Mr. Jay McGarvey to make a presentation for opening a neighborhood coffee house, bakery and restaurant that locals could walk to and socialize. It was well attended, but many people got caught up with what the building would end up looking like, a description of the food, and the success of their coffee houses and restaurants in Jacksonville. Lots of drawings were presented and there were many interesting comments on the design of the building. His architects seemed willing to take some of the suggestions into account and revise the design to fit in more with the area. Many people were impressed with the likability of the developer, chef, and architect. However the REZONING request coming before the PZB this coming Tuesday, May 4 at 2 pm has NOTHING to do with the design of […]

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