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San Sebastian Harbor PUD postponed until April 26 City Commission Meeting Featured Image

San Sebastian Harbor PUD postponed until April 26 City Commission Meeting

March 2, 2021

Following up on the previous article about the San Sebastian PUD. On Monday, January 25  The San Sebastian Inland Harbor PUD (Planned Unit Development) was bought before the City Commission as a new ordinance (Ordinance 2021-04) with new terms and modifications for the PUD.  Because there were so many modifications  and too many unanswered questions, the CIty Commission voted 5-0 to “Continue the First Reading of the ordinance to February 22, 2021.”  They asked for many fixes and expect there to be many meetings on this project in the coming year.   On February 11, 2021 right before their ten day deadline to submit their new documents and drawings for the PUD, the attorney for the project, Ellen Avery Smith, submitted a letter asking that the “City Commission postpone the first reading of Ordinance No. 2021-04 to a date to be determined.” It has just been announced that The San Sebastian […]

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