Welcome to the website of the Neighborhood Council of Saint Augustine.  On this website you can find out about the Council and its member Neighborhood Associations.  Under the website menu, you’ll find two sections. “Our Council” section contains information specific to our organization, as well as contact information for the Council and its officers.  In the “Our Associations” section, you can explore each of our member neighborhood associations. Each Neighborhood Association has a web page on which you’ll find a picture of the neighborhood, a calendar of its upcoming events, its purpose, its bylaws, a description of its boundaries and contact information for its officers.  We invite you to learn about our organization and to explore the special neighborhoods which make up the Neighborhood Council of Saint Augustine.

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“Putting Down Roots”    –     a  3 Part Series on St. Augustine’s Neighborhoods & National Register Historic Districts Featured Image

“Putting Down Roots” – a 3 Part Series on St. Augustine’s Neighborhoods & National Register Historic Districts

January 10, 2020

Since the early settlement of St. Augustine, people have been putting down roots and creating neighborhoods. St. Augustine has seven that are unique and have such historical significance that they have been listed as National Register Historic Districts. These old neighborhoods continue to be vibrant places to live and make St Augustine not just a tourist destination but a livable city. All of these historic neighborhoods have Neighborhood Associations, which are members of the Neighborhood Council. Many people are familiar with these charming neighborhoods, without knowing the history behind them or why they have been listed on the National Register. Because of our long layered history, these neighborhoods are full of diverse architecture and interesting past residents from all walks of life. Thanks to a grant from The Community Foundation of Northeast Florida, The Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine is presenting this three part series to take a look at […]

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