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Welcome to the Old City South Neighborhood Association section of the Neighborhood Council website. We’re so pleased that you decided to visit us. You can find some basic information about our neighborhood and OCSNA on this page, but If you’d like to know more, you can find lots of information about us at our website: www.oldcitysouth.org. The Old City South Neighborhood Association is an informal, non-political association of neighbors who live in the Old City South neighborhood of St. Augustine, FL, the nation’s oldest city. Through the volunteer efforts of our neighbors, we strive to make our neighborhood a better place for all by having fun together, staying informed, learning about local issues and expressing opinions to local administrators, police and elected officials, and by working together, taking advantage of available outside resources and, overall, nurturing an honest concern for each other.

  • Having fun together: We periodically sponsor social events like picnics, parties and fun activities so neighbors can connect, reconnect, and get to know each other better.
  • Staying informed: We disseminate information of interest and importance to the neighborhood from the city, the county, the state, the police and local organizations, through emailed notices, by co-sponsoring workshops with other neighborhood associations and by posting information on our website.
  • Learning about issues and expressing opinions: We periodically organize meetings and forums where neighbors can speak directly to police, city staff
    and elected officials about matters of concern relating to the neighborhood.
  • Working together – other things we might do: There are lots of things we might do in the future as a neighborhood: f.e. we might work to develop
    neighborhood emergency preparedness plans and participate in local improvement projects.
  • Being inclusive, not divisive: We are absolutely committed to being a non- political association which welcomes different points of view. When conveying summaries of discussions from our meetings to policy makers and stakeholders, the neighborhood association will not take sides, but will attempt to accurately represent the breadth of the discussion and the varying points of view. We won’t endorse candidates or take sides on local, state or national political issues.

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Candidate Forum Video Featured Image

Candidate Forum Video

October 23, 2022

The 2022 City Council Candidate Forum was held October 19th with both candidates for seat 4 and both candidates for seat 5 of the city council in attendance. The video can be seen at the link below. Candidate Forum Video   

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