Welcome to the website of the Neighborhood Council of Saint Augustine.  On this website you can find out about the Council and its member Neighborhood Associations.  Under the website menu, you’ll find two sections. “Our Council” section contains information specific to our organization, as well as contact information for the Council and its officers.  In the “Our Associations” section, you can explore each of our member neighborhood associations. Each Neighborhood Association has a web page on which you’ll find a picture of the neighborhood, a calendar of its upcoming events, its purpose, its bylaws, a description of its boundaries and contact information for its officers.  We invite you to learn about our organization and to explore the special neighborhoods which make up the Neighborhood Council of Saint Augustine.

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George Gardner Award given to Reuben Franklin Featured Image

George Gardner Award given to Reuben Franklin

September 15, 2021

  The Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine is happy to announce the creation of The George Gardner Award to honor the love George had for both the City of St Augustine and its residential neighborhoods.   While Mayor, it was his idea to create Neighborhood Associations to represent the various unique residential neighborhoods throughout St. Augustine.  These Neighborhood Associations would be united under the umbrella of the Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine, which would meet regularly to discuss the needs of the neighborhoods and represent them before the City.   Almost twenty years later, the Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine has grown to 10 Neighborhood Associations and still operates under Mayor Gardner’s original vision, which was to act as a bridge between City government and its residential neighborhoods.   From working with the City, we have found that there are many dedicated City employees who give of their time to make […]

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