2 Workshops Presented on St Johns County Growth

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Click on this link to find out more and register for one of two workshops on the challenge to ensure sufficient land and water to meet the needs of people, agriculture, and the environment over the next 50 years in St Johns County.  https://www.matanzasriverkeeper.org/sjc_2070

Important FDOT Hearing for SAUNA & SARNA residents

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The Florida Dept of Transportation (FDOT) will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 18 at the St. Johns County Public Health Building, Muscovy Conference Room (200 San Sebastian View) to discuss proposed closure of median openings on U.S. 1 at Daniels Street, Everett Street, Grove Avenue and Rohde Avenue. FDOT is also proposing removal of on-street parking on U.S. […]

N C Collecting Feedback for the City’s Short Term Rental Committee

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Short Term Rentals, also known as  Vacation Rentals, have been a big concern for most of the Neighborhood Associations.  The Neighborhood Council is collecting feedback in the attached Survey, which will be forwarded to Melinda Rakoncay, the Council President, who has been chosen by the City Commission to sit on the newly formed Short Term Rental (STR) Committee of 7 […]

Neighborhood Council Supports Funding for Fish Island

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The NC sent a letter to Governor DeSantis and the cabinet members asking that they approve Florida Forever funding of Fish Island as preserved Florida Conservation Lands.  A decision will be made on July 23. See the attached pdf  to see the full letter. N C letter on Fish Island 2

N C sends letter about Vacation Rentals to Florida Legislature

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At our April Quarterly Meeting, the Neighborhood Council voted to send a letter to our representatives in the Florida Legislature regarding House Bill 987 and Senate Bill 824, which was legislation that would take away any previous local control on short term vacation rentals.   Because of zoning codes that had been put into law before Tallahassee passed laws restricting […]

Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Applications due March 1

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A reminder that applications for the City’s Neighborhood Enhancement Grants are due March 1. Neighborhood Associations may request funds for a project they wish to undertake as a community project that will improve the quality of life in their neighborhood. Enhancements may be structural in nature, such as park benches or informational signage, or landscaping projects, such as shrubbery or trees. […]

EDITORIAL: “Up-zoning” Threatens the Stability of Residential Neighborhoods.

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“Up-zoning” is something that should concern all property owners living in residential neighborhoods.  Up-zoning is the practice of rezoning property to a more intensive use than its present zoning.    Since almost all of the residentially zoned neighborhoods inside the city limits of St. Augustine border on commercial or institutional zoned properties, there is always the threat that residential property […]

N C holds its Annual Meeting

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The Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine met on Sunday, January 13 from 3:00  to  5:00 pm for their Annual Meeting.  Val Day, the Delegate from Flagler Model Land, hosted the meeting at her home at 19 Saragossa.  All Neighborhood Associations, except Lighthouse Park, had a Delegate at the meeting.  After the approval of the  September 30 minutes, Jeanette Berk, our […]

Comprehensive Plan Workshops to be held

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The City of St. Augustine is updating its Comprehensive Master Plan this year.  They are holding a series of Workshops throughout the City for your input.  The Comprehensive Plan is mandated by the State of Florida and is the basis on which our City Code lies. Things such as Zoning and Historic Preservation, as well as other codes must adhere […]

Letter from the President

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Letter from the President I want to personally welcome everyone to the Neighborhood Council’s new website. As you will see from looking over this website, the Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine is made up of a diverse group of neighborhood associations within the city limits of St. Augustine. Communication between neighborhoods on items that affect the St. Augustine resident has […]