2021 October N C Quarterly Minutes DRAFT

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2021-10:10 N C Fall Zoom Meeting MINUTES DRAFT

George Gardner Award given to Reuben Franklin

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  The Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine is happy to announce the creation of The George Gardner Award to honor the love George had for both the City of St Augustine and its residential neighborhoods.   While Mayor, it was his idea to create Neighborhood Associations to represent the various unique residential neighborhoods throughout St. Augustine.  These Neighborhood Associations would be […]

Herbie & Annette Wiles Park

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It’s official! Our triangle park is now Herbie & Annette Wiles Park. On Friday, June 11, the City of St. Augustine hosted the dedication ceremony. Many thanks to all our friends and neighbors who were able to attend this event. Special thanks to Mayor Tracy Upchurch and Irene Arriola for their kind words.

Tree Canopy Enhancement Program

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Congratulations! Your yard or right of way may be a perfect place for a free tree from the City of St. Augustine. The city’s tree canopy enhancement program application will be online June 1. Here is the link to the information and application: https://www.citystaug.com/861/Tree-Canopy-Program Please fill out all info as the program is first come first serve. Many will apply, […]

EDITORIAL: Corazon Theater & a Lesson in Zoning

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A meeting was hosted Thursday evening at the old Corazon Theater at 36 Granada by Mr. Jay McGarvey to make a presentation for opening a neighborhood coffee house, bakery and restaurant that locals could walk to and socialize. It was well attended, but many people got caught up with what the building would end up looking like, a description of […]

Greater Fullerwood Plant Sale

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The first Greater Fullerwood Plant Sale was a huge success! Many thanks to our wonderful neighborhood helpers and gardeners Steve Albano, Kathy Budka, Gina Burrell, Bonnie & John Cipriani, Kathy Deagan, Jessica Erke, Mary Garden, Tawny Kern, Debbie Moore, Nancy Moore, Nancy Osgood, Patty Mark, Kimberly Sieben, and Patty Springfield. We thank them for their enthusiasm, generosity and hard-work. We […]

San Sebastian Harbor PUD postponed until April 26 City Commission Meeting

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Following up on the previous article about the San Sebastian PUD. On Monday, January 25  The San Sebastian Inland Harbor PUD (Planned Unit Development) was bought before the City Commission as a new ordinance (Ordinance 2021-04) with new terms and modifications for the PUD.  Because there were so many modifications  and too many unanswered questions, the CIty Commission voted 5-0 […]

The San Sebastian Inland Harbor Project

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The Neighborhood Council of St. Augustine notes that the San Sebastian Inland Harbor PUD will be a major project with a big long term impact on the western entrance to the Historic City, which is something all residents use, regardless of where they live.   Our neighborhoods are what make St. Augustine a living city, and not just a tourist […]

LNA February Newsletter

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Click to access the LNA February Newsletter

Sebastian Inland Harbor PUD on the PZB Agenda, Tuesday, 1/05/21 @ 2PM

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The Sebastian Inland Harbor PUD is back on the PZB agenda Tuesday, January 5th @ 2PM. It has been 13 years since the 2007 PUD was approved, and in that time, many things have changed, which is why it is important that the City get this PUD absolutely right. Our Neighborhood Associations are working together to ensure this development benefits […]